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Online Library Services

Looking for something to do during a snow day? Your GCPL card allows you access to over 100,000 e-book, e-audiobook, magazine, and streaming video titles for free!

  1. Go to

  2. Click on the large "eBook" button at the top of page

  3. On the top right of the Kentucky Libraries Unbound page, click the "sign in" button

  4. Click in the "Select your library" field, and find Grant County Public Library in the dropdown menu

  5. Enter your GCPL card number (no spaces) and your library pin number (aka password)

    1. If you cannot remember your pin/password, follow this link

Browsing and Searching

  1. Now that you are logged in, you can use the links at the top to browse for books:

    1. Subjects- broken into fiction and non-fiction, with toggles at the top to switch between formats

    2. Collections- dropdown menu to quickly jump to Kids, Magazines, e-books, e-audiobooks, and videos

    3. Kindle Books- a special collection just for Kindle users

    4. Kids- skip right to stuff just for kids

    5. Magazines- current and back issues of popular magazines

2. Know exactly what you want or want to search by keyword? Use the Search function located at the top right of the screen to find what you are looking for.

Borrowing Materials

  1. Once you find a title you want, you can either "borrow" (if available), or "place a hold" (if not available)

  2. Your materials will now be available in your online bookshelf (the icon to the left of "My account"), as well as on your Overdrive or Libby app

    1. Overdrive and Libby can both be downloaded to any mobile device through your device's App Store

    2. With Overdrive, you will need to download borrowed titles in "Files" before they show up in your "Bookshelf"


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