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Library Wins $10,000 ARPA Grant

The Grant County Public Library is in the process of completing the final paperwork to accept a $10,000 ARPA grant. The library’s administration partnered with state representatives to complete the grant form in November 2021, and will finish up everything this week. Portions of the grant will go to GCPL’s annual KYVL membership. This membership provides the people of Grant County access to over 40 online databases. Many of the most popular KYVL databases can be found on GCPL’s website, including:

  • Encyclopedia Britannica suite

    1. School- enjoyable resources for elementary school children

    2. Fundamentals- educational games, ebooks, and more for K-2nd graders

    3. Annals of American History- a year-by-year account of US history, perfect for high school reports and independent learning

    4. Library - educational articles, videos, maps, and more

  • Academic Search Complete – More than 8,000 full-text journals on all major academic subjects

  • Gale Opposing Viewpoints – Multiple viewpoints from national and international publications on a variety of subjects; great for research papers and projects

  • Health Source- information and studies from over 80 health magazines

  • NoveList- easy-to-use reader’s advisory for fiction titles

  • access to census, birth, death, marriage, military and immigration papers

  • Agricola- Access to USDA national archives

  • Newspaper Source- full text articles from US regional, national, and international newspapers

Please note that the proxy links can sometimes change, so if you’re unable to access any of the KYVL databases through the GCPL website, please email us at With your help, we will have them up and going again just as soon as we can!


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