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Library Adds Two New Scanners to Public Computers

The library added two new Brother DS-740D Duplex scanners to the public computers this week. The two scanners take up little to no desktop space, so you still have lots of room to work on job applications, tax forms, and more. The new scanners can copy both sides of a page in one pass, and can create images into all of the most commonly used document types (e.g. PDFs, JPEGs, TIFFs, etc.) The new scanners can even scan your driver’s license or social security card! After scanning, patrons can easily drag and drop their scanned documents into an email, and send the documents immediately.

Up until now, if you wanted to scan a document, you would have to use the public copier. This could often lead to short wait times while other patrons used the copier for other services like copying, printing, and sending documents via email. Though library staff still suggest that you use the public copier for scanning documents with 5 or more pages for convenience, patrons who only have a small number of papers to scan will no longer have to wait in line if the copier is in use.


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