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Book Vs Movie Debate: Matilda by Roald Dahl

Have a little magic with your holidays by reading “Matilda”. Matilda is an intelligent, sweet child. She knows her parents are not nice like her and neither is the headmistress at the school she attends. However, there is a teacher at the school that is nice. Does Matilda finds the courage to fight back with a talent that she never knew she had so she and Ms. Honey will be forever happy? Find out by reading the book and/or watching the movie.

The book is 240 pages long, and available for checkout in the teen area. The DVD is also available to checkout. The DVD is rated PG. Please read the book and/or watch the movie before you come. We will discuss the book and movie. Which one was better? Why?

Light snacks will be provided. No registration required.

For ages 11-17 years old.


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