Hello Grant County PL followers and borrowers!

Because of the Covid-19 Pandemic we are all living in strange and uncertain times. We are all experiencing new ways to live the "new normal" in our lives. We, at the library understand the stress you are feeling in your daily lives and for many of you, also the stress of not being able to access the inside of the library. We are not planning to reopen to the general public for the near future, so we are coming up with ways to provide more service online and digitally.

Beginning later this week and with more coming the next few weeks, library staff will be actively engaged in providing programming and information through all of our online means. We will be more actively working through our website, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and additional social media to bring you information, programs, how-tos, etc. We also welcome your suggestions for ideas. We will be promoting our many databases and digital services and will be adding more in the coming weeks.

We have come up with a format for the week so that you will generally know what to expect on certain days. Each weekday has been designated with a theme. You should know that all of our staff are actively engaged in providing this information, whether you see them in a video story, instruction activity, or not. There are many behind the scene jobs in putting this together. I am thankful we have such a talented staff!

Here are the weekday themes:

MONDAY: BLAST FROM THE PAST (History) - Exploring information and ideas about general history, genealogy, and especially Grant County's Bicentennial!

TUESDAY: TUNE UP YOUR BRAIN TUESDAYS (Education) - Scheduled storytimes, schoolwork help and links, adult education, science, technology-related, non-fiction book reviews, etc.

WEDNESDAY: WHY WE READ WEDNESDAY (Reading) - Yes, you can read any day, but this day we will provide you with staff suggestions and reviews, online book clubs, lists and links from all around on how to continue to read your favorite authors and meet new ones.

THURSDAY: TREAT YOURSELF WELL (Health and Wellness) - This may include not only healthy tips from staff and other resources, but may include live or recorded sessions. Who says you can't do yoga or learn to cook a new dish at your online library?

FRIDAY: FRIDAY FUNDAY! - Fridays are our fun days and include jokes and riddles, trivia, a tour or two, and maybe a movie suggestion or games to play outside (you do need to get off the computer occasionally!)

Weekends...well, we aren't exactly sure what the weekends will look like and may be the time you need to catch your breath and just be with family or go outside.

Sorry for how long this is, but please share and like this and stay tuned. These times are game-changers for us all. While we can't be with you, we are for you! Stay safe, practice your social distancing and wash your hands!

Thank you,
Susan and the Staff of the Grant County Public Library

Grant County Bicentennial Information

Grant County turns 200 years old in 2020. As part of an ongoing celebration of our county's bicentennial, we will be providing weekly updates on the history of Grant County. In addition, we ask you to share photos, maps, and information of Grant County’s history with us on our Facebook page. We hope you enjoy the information we've collected!

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