GCPL Library Web Site Design

matt Overwine

The Grant County Public web site design was completed with The Access Now! University-Community Partnership Grant funded by the Northern Kentucky University. The designer of the site is Matt Overwine who graduated from Northern Kentucky University with a BFA in Graphic Design. He is currently an Interactive Designer at Traction in Cincinnati, Ohio. His work took an award in Northern Kentucky University's Social Justice Competition in 2009 and his work at Traction has been recognized by the Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce who named Traction the "Emerging Small Business of the Year 2010."

Matt writes:

As for accessible web design and programming, I feel this is something often overlooked in school. Most of us will never have to worry about how a website is programmed because we can gather what information we need from what's available even if poorly designed and coded. But if you can't see images, hear audio clips, use a mouse, or have a cognitive disability suddenly how you design and program a website becomes critical. This becomes even more important with public libraries as the library website should be as accessible to as many people as possible.

I'm glad to have been able to help with the designs of Grant and Owen County Public Libraries and look forward to helping with others around the state. To be honest I never understood how to make a site accessible until sitting down and discussing the finer points with Michael Providenti. The process has helped me to recognize my own design and coding accessibility issues. And I can now talk about the subject with some experience. All very good things.